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Mohawk Valley Open Mic - It's all about the Music!

Musicians!! Get out of your living room, bedroom, or garage.. and get on the stage! Mohawk Valley Open Mic  is happening at various coffee houses, breweries, bars and wineries in the Mohawk Valley area of NY! Open Mic is a FUN evening of Live Music.. starring YOU!


Each Open Mic Night is different and never the same! It's an event for developing, aspiring, under and over exposed muscians, singers, and song writers to share their new songs and ideas with other like minded musicians! It's the traditional way that many musicians gain confidence while performing their songs and developing their skills as musicians. However, it can also be a great avenue for the more experienced seasoned musicians to come out and meet new musicians, network, meet new people, and try out some new songs!


Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a new up and coming singer song writer with an acoustic guitar, or a full band, MV Open Mic with Cathie Timian has a spot just for you at one our venues! MV Open Mic welcomes all varieties and genres of music. It’s a great opportunity to play in front of a live audience, share your music, meet new people and form new friendships!

Current Open Mics I Host

There are no Open Mics currently scheduled due to covid19.

Venue Owners

Do you love live music? Do your customers love live music? I would like to introduce you to Mohawk Valley Open Mic. This is a business that I operate with the goal of giving local musicians the opportunity to demonstrate their talents, and giving venues the opportunity to host live music. I have operated this business for the past two years now at various area locations, including Utica Brews, Killabrew Saloon, 16 Stone Brewpub, Kayuta Drive-in, Nicole's of Camden and Prospect Falls Winery. I host Open Mics both indoors and outdoors, although outdoors can be weather dependent.


I am always looking for additional venues, and ask you to consider offering an Open Mic at your business. I bring all the necessary equipment, including a sound system, mics and stands if you do not have an existing set-up. My fee is reasonable and negotiable and I provide a W-9 for tax purposes, so you should be able to claim it as an expense for business tax purposes. 

I do all of the work, including set-up and take down, leaving you free to run your own business! Musicians generally sign up in advance. I do my own advertising to a large group of local musicians and area friends of musicians. I use Facebook, and online Community Calendars such as the OD, WKTV, & Various Radio Stations to reach a large online audience, and sometimes use printed flyers. I also often do Facebook Live feeds during the events, urging listeners to come join us. You are always welcome to do some of your own additional advertising and promotion, to maximize the publicity of your event.


Please feel free to check out my Facebook page where various videos and photos of my local Open Mics can be found. You can also see examples of promotional posts on Facebook as well as public comments on my events.


The timing of your Open Mics can be adapted to your venue and its business. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, summer focus, winter focus, daytime, or evening - you define your needs. I will work with you to fit my schedule to those needs.


This is a great way to support our local area musicians and to provide live entertainment to your customers.




Cathie Timian

What is an Open Mic?

What is an Open Mic?

An open mic ("open microphone") is a "live" show at a coffeehouse, pub/club, brewery, restaurant/eatery or winery, where audience members who are amateur performers or professionals who want to try out new material or plug an upcoming show are given the opportunity to perform onstage. 

​Typically, as the name suggests, the performer is provided with a microphone which is plugged into a PA system, to make the individual's performance loud enough for the audience to hear. Often times, the performers will show up at the venue and signup to perform on the night of the event, OR the performers can sign up in advance for a time slot with the host, typically an experienced performer or host, who does all the leg work of advertising, promoting, and getting word out to local musicians. 

An Open Mic can run anywhere from 3 to 4 hours, and there are various types of open mics, such as; musicians, poetry & spoken word, and comedy. Some Open Mics offer all aspects, some offer only music for musicians, some offer only poetry & spoken word, and some offer only comedy. It's up to the venue what type of Open Mic they would like to have.


Open Mic is NOT to be confused with "Karaoke".. Karaoke is not LIVE music, Karaoke is recorded backing tracks that people sing along to following lyrics on a monitor or screen. Open Mics are for LIVE performers, musicians, poets, & comedians. Open Mics give the performer the opportunity to perform LIVE in a public setting, where they can test out new material, jokes, or music or songs they have been working on. 

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